American Hydrant
by Sean Crane

ISBN: 9781891661464
$24.95 ©
Trade Paper
176 Pages
8 x 8
Color Photos
America as Seen Through the Ubiquitous Hydrant!

American Hydrant uses conceptual portraits of fire hydrants to document the urban and rural American landscape. This humorous, clever collection of images includes at least one photograph from each of the 50 states. Although the hydrants are interesting in and of themselves-given their regional differences in shape, size, and color-each photo also creatively mirrors the individual character of the city or town in which it was taken.

For instance, in Detroit, the "Motor City," the hydrant is reflected off of the hubcap of a Buick. In Seattle, a town known for its affinity for coffee, the hydrant is shot through the front window of a coffee shop. In Dallas, the image of the hydrant sitting amidst grassy knolls is a powerful reminder of the tragic events of 1963. American Hydrant is the ultimate gift book-fun, creative, aesthetically appealing . . . an eclectic mix of photographs providing an entertaining, curbside view of America.