Marilyn Monroe Dyed Here
More Locations of America's Pop Culture Landmarks
by Chris Epting

ISBN: 9781891661396
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Trade Paper
312 pages
6 x 9
Hundreds of Photos
Travel/Popular Culture
In 1945, a watershed moment in pop culture history occurred when Norma Jeane Baker walked into a beauty salon at 6513 Hollywood Boulevard and changed her hair from brunette to blonde. With Marilyn Monroe Dyed Here, Chris Epting follows-up his critically acclaimed James Dean Died Here with another collection of the locations where the most significant events in American popular culture took place. This fully illustrated encyclopedic look at the most famous and infamous pop culture events includes historical information on over 600 landmarks-as well as their exact locations. Like its predecessor, Marilyn Monroe Dyed Here is an amazing portrait of the bizarre, shocking, weird, and wonderful moments that have come to define American popular culture.

Chapters and Sample Entries
Americana: The Weird and the Wonderful

Marilyn Monroe's America o Frank Sinatra Landmarks
Elvis Presley's Haircut o McDonald's Hot Coffee Spill

History and Tragedy
Little Rock, Arkansas High School Integration o Martin Luther King Jr.'s Church o Great White Concert Fire

Crime, Murder, and Assassination
Mobster Mayhem o Jesse James' Bank Robbery
Central Park Jogger o Night Stalker's Hotel

Celebrity Deaths and Infamous Celebrity Events
Billie Holiday o Anne Heche o Eddie Murphy
Winona Ryder o Kobe Bryant o Hank Williams

Let's Go to the Movies
Woody Allen's New York o The Shawshank Redemption's Prison o Alfred Hitchcock's Vertigo
The Godfather: Part II's Lakeside Estate

Rock 'n' Roll, R&B, and the Blues
Bob Dylan Walking Tour o Album Cover Landmarks
Rolling Stones' Landmarks o Rock 'n' Roll Festivals

Channel Surfing
Friends' Fountain o SNL's "Cheeseburger!" Restaurant
Welcome Back Kotter's High School

The Write Stuff
Steinbeck Writes The Grapes of Wrath o Ernest Hemingway Commits Suicide o Edgar Allan Poe's House
Eugene O'Neill's House