Movie Star Homes
The Famous to the Forgotten
by Judy Artunian and Mike Oldham

ISBN: 9781891661297
$16.95 ©
Trade Paper
312 pages
6 x 9
Hundreds of Photos
From Gloria Swanson's 1918 Hollywood bungalow to Brad Pitt's Beverly Hills estate, Movie Star Homes: The Famous to the Forgotten profiles the extravagant, lavish, and eccentric residences of the rich and famous. Each of the entries includes a photo of the star and brief summation of the star's career, the address of the star's home, a photo of the home as it looks today, and fascinating facts about the residence. In addition to magnificent mansions, the homes where celebrities lived before they became famous are also featured, such as Natalie Wood's humble 1945 residence and the home of Buster Keaton before he built his famed Italian villa in Beverly Hills.

Includes the homes of:

Julie Andrews
Fatty Arbuckle
Fred Astaire
Lauren Bacall
Lucille Ball
Drew Barrymore
Kim Basinger
Warren Beatty
Ingrid Bergman
Humphrey Bogart
Clara Bow
Marlon Brando
Jeff Bridges
Lon Chaney Jr.
Charlie Chaplin
George Clooney
Gary Cooper
Joan Crawford
Tom Cruise
Bette Davis
Sammy Davis Jr.
James Dean
Clint Eastwood
Douglas Fairbanks
W.C. Fields
Errol Flynn
Henry Fonda
Harrison Ford
Clark Gable
Greta Garbo
Judy Garland
Lillian Gish
Cary Grant
Tom Hanks
Goldie Hawn
Audrey Hepburn
Katharine Hepburn
Bob Hope
Samuel L. Jackson
Buster Keaton
Gene Kelly
Grace Kelly
Nicole Kidman
Harold Lloyd
Shirley MacLaine
Groucho Marx
Robert Mitchum
Tom Mix
Marilyn Monroe
Eddie Murphy
Paul Newman
Jack Nicholson
Nick Nolte
Gregory Peck
Mary Pickford
Brad Pitt
Sidney Poitier
Elvis Presley
Debbie Reynolds
Arnold Schwartzenegger
George C. Scott
Frank Sinatra
Sly Stallone
James Stewart
Barbra Streisand
Gloria Swanson
Elizabeth Taylor
Shirley Temple
Spencer Tracy
Lana Turner
Rudolph Valentino
Denzel Washington
John Wayne
Orson Wells
Mae West
Natalie Wood

And Many Others!