The Encyclopedia of Sixties Cool
by Chris Strodder

ISBN: 9781595800176
$24.95 ©2005
Trade Paper
336 pages
8 1/2 x 11
Hundreds of Black & White Photos
Break Out Your Love Beads!

The Encyclopedia of Sixties Cool profiles over 250 of the most intriguing personalities of the 1960s. The men and women covered in the book include a wide range of celebrities—from well-known superstars (The Beatles, Dustin Hoffman, Muhammad Ali) to lesser-known icons (Nico, Terry Southern, Bo Belinsky)—who had a significant impact on popular culture. The figures include musicians, actors, directors, artists, athletes, politicians, writers, astronauts . . . . anyone and everyone who made the 1960s the most influential decade of the 20th century!

The biographical entries are divided up by subheads that include: “Takin’ Care of Business” (Elvis’s slogan, here used for a description of their professional careers); “All You Need Is Love” (The Beatles’ song, here used for information on the star’s private/romantic life); and “My Back Pages” (Dylan’s song, here used for relevant notes, quotes, and facts). A “what happened on this day” calendar highlighting landmark events in the lives of those profiled runs throughout the book.

The tone of the writing is affectionate and humorous, which helps to make The Encyclopedia of Sixties Cool a celebration of these icon’s lives and achievements. Scandals and drug-related deaths are not ignored but are also not dwelled upon. The memories evoked by the text are generally joyous, an important point for the readers who lived through and remember the sixties affectionately (and who are tired of seeing their favorite stars dragged through the tabloid mud, a la Marilyn and Elvis).

Over 200 vintage photographs and more than 50 sidebars pepper the book, and include of Best Picture winners, great quarterbacks, Playmates of the Year, memorable TV theme songs, favorite toys, Disneyland rides, Wimbledon champions, groovy screen cars, surf stars, Indy 500 winners, cool cartoons, sci-fi classics, Bond girls, “bubblegum” hits, beach-movie cameos, and legendary concerts. A “what happened on this day” calendar highlighting landmark events in the lives of those profiled appears on every page.

Entertaining and enlightening, The Encyclopedia of Sixties Cool is truly a celebration of the grooviest people, events, and artifacts of the 1960s.