Exploring Our Lives
A Writing Handbook for Senior Adults
by Francis E. Kazemek

ISBN: 9781891661266
$14.95 ©2002
Softcover 312 pages
6 x 9
In Exploring Our Lives: A Writing Handbook for Senior Adults, Francis E. Kazemek, M.A., Ph.D., provides step-by-step instructions on how Senior Adults can turn their vast reservoir of memories into fascinating memoirs, fiction, poetry, children's storybooks, and more.

As human beings, we are natural storytellers, and the stories we tell and the memories we write about help us shape and re-shape our lives. They also create cherished legacies for future generations to enjoy. Exploring Our Lives guides readers and shows them how to capture in writing their pasts, presents, and possible futures.

The writing novice who has just retired and now wants to put pen to paper will find the book an invaluable tool, while more experienced Senior writers will discover creative activities and exercises to help expand and improve their writing. Practical tips are included for getting started, generating ideas, working with a first draft, revising, editing, and sharing one's writing with others.

Kazemek has been teaching Senior Adults how to write about their lives for over 20 years; all of the ideas and activities are tried and true and have been successfully used over and over again by Seniors ranging from age 50 to age 93. Actual writing samples from some of Kazemek's students are even included as specific examples throughout the book. With Exploring Our Lives, Kazemek brings his wealth of teaching experience to readers everywhere.

Whether you're looking to write memorable stories for your grandchildren, capture the significant events of your life as a legacy for your family and friends, or simply would like to try your hand at fiction or poetry and aren't sure where to start, Exploring Our Lives is guaranteed to fire up your imagination and put you on the road to creating a legacy for future generations to cherish and enjoy!