Health Handbook
A Consumer's Guide To The American Health Care System
by Mark Cromer

ISBN: 9780963994677
$12.95 ©1997
256 pages
5 1/4 x 8 1/4
Health Care Handbook is an easy-to-read guide which will teach you how to obtain the best health care the American system has to offer--whether you are visiting your family doctor, consulting with a specialist, or about to undergo major surgery.
Health Care Handbook provides simple and easy-to-understand answers to such questions as:
  • How do I choose a health plan?
  • Where can I find the best doctor or hospital for my condition?
  • What questions should I ask my doctor?
  • Is alternative medicine worth exploring?
  • Can I go to the emergency room for treatment?
  • How do I prepare for surgery?
  • What happens during rehabilitation?
  • And many more!
Featuring interviews with doctors, nurses, therapists, social workers, case managers, health plan administrators and patient advocates, Health Care Handbook is a must for anyone who wants to take charge of their own health care. From checking in to checking out and then sorting through the bills, Health Care Handbook will be your guide to taking a proactive role in the future of your health.