Helpful Household Hints
The Ultimate '90s Guide to Housekeeping
by June King

ISBN: 9780963994639
$12.95 ©1996
224 pages
5 3/8 x 8 3/8
Do you wish you could be more organized?
That you could save time doing household chores?
That you could save money by maintaining your home yourself--before professional repairmen need to be called?
In Helpful Household Hints, June King offers hundreds of simple tips that will make cleaning and organizing your home a breeze! For instance, do you know the most efficient way to make a bed? Or that you can remove many stains by using such items as yogurt, Worcestershire sauce, vinegar, or toothpaste?
You'll Learn Time and Money Saving Hints for your:
  • Kitchen
  • Bathrooms
  • Bedrooms
  • Walls and Floors
  • Windows, Drapes and Doors
  • Clothing and Laundry
  • Furniture
  • Closets and Storage Areas
  • Garage and Yard
  • Automobiles
  • and much more!
Ms. King will also explain the latest about safety measures you and your family should take when performing tasks around the house; what supplies you should keep on hand; how to make homemade alternatives to store bought goods; even information on hiring someone to help you in your home! Helpful Household Hints is the ultimate guide to '90s housekeeping!