5,000 Reasons to Smile… For Chicks

5,000 Reasons to Smile... For Chicks
Sally DeLellis
June 2005
Black & White Illustrations Throughout
4 3/4 x 6 1/2

Hip Advice to Make the Most of a Busy Lifestyle!

5,000 Reasons to Smile . . . for Chicks is an illustrated list of 5,000 inspirational tips and suggestions that make life so unique and enjoyable for today’s busy woman. This entertaining menu of food for thought compiles aspects of daily life—including people, places, material objects, experiences, and feelings—that encourage chicks to relish their femininity.

Examples include: A great bargain, apartments that take pets, sleeping in, 2-for-1 drink specials, green tea, a sizzling good-night kiss, apple martinis, a well-deserved promotion, Sex and the City DVDs, sending valentines to all of your single friends, a new chick-lit novel, road trips, buying your own condo, Nick and Nora flannel pajamas, buttercream-scented candles, and 400-thread-count sheets.

With today’s hectic lifestyle, women might only have a few moments to steal away and indulge. With 5,000 Reasons to Smile . . . for Chicks, they can open to any page, for any amount of time, and find ideas for inspiration, relaxation, or a reason to simply smile.

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