Becoming AFI : 50 Years Inside the American Film Institute

Becoming AFI : 50 Years Inside the American Film Institute
Jean Picker Firstenberg & James Hindman Foreword by Dana Gioia Preface by Patty Jenkins Afterword by David Lynch
August 2017
Film & TV
6 x 9

For over fifty years, the American Film Insti­tute has flourished as one of America’s great cultural entities. Its graduates, faculty, support­ers, and trustees have included such acclaimed individuals as Steven Spielberg, Maya Angelou, Gregory Peck, Meryl Streep, Les Moonves, Patty Jenkins, David Lynch, Jane Fonda, Ed­ward James Olmos, Shonda Rhimes, James L. Brooks, Michael Nesmith, Sir Howard String­er, and many other respected leaders in the worlds of film, television, digital media, and philanthropy.

Written in a unique memoir style, Becom­ing AFI: 50 Years Inside the American Film In­stitute offers a candid look at how this remark­able organization has brought together aspiring filmmakers, outstanding educators, and vision­ary artists. The book details AFI’s journey to becoming the foremost national champion for moving images as a vibrant art form and a criti­cal component of America’s cultural history.

AFI’s story is chronicled through in-depth essays written by those who have been involved in its adventures, growth, and successes: from its early years under George Stevens Jr.’s direction at the legendary Greystone mansion and the Kennedy Center in Washington, DC; through its period of incredible growth, under Jean Picker Firstenberg’s guidance, as an influential cultural institution at its landmark Hollywood campus; to its continued years of excellence un­der Bob Gazzale’s dynamic leadership.

Becoming AFI provides an insightful, be­hind-the-scenes look at how AFI—with pas­sionate determination—overcame the hurdles of advancing technology, political shifts, and new audience dynamics to turn its aspira­tions into a substantial and highly successful organization. A tireless advocate of moving im­ages as one of America’s most popular art forms, AFI is maturing into one of the world’s most respected educational and cultural institutions.