Conversations with Coach Wooden : On Baseball, Heroes, and Life

Conversations with Coach Wooden : On Baseball, Heroes, and Life
Gary Adams
May 2013
Sports, Biography, Memoir

From legendary basketball coach John Wooden's life lessons and Pyramid of Success philosophy to musings on his favorite sport—baseball—this engaging account chronicles the friendship between Wooden and fellow University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) head coach Gary Adams.For nearly a decade, the two celebrated coaches shared an office and developed a close friendship that lasted thirty-five years, until Wooden's passing. Adams's heartwarming narrative details discussions they shared about heroes, history, life, and their mutual favorite pastime: baseball.

The book also reflects on Wooden's core philosophies and the guiding principles behind his numerous basketball successes, including his election into two halls of fame as a player and a coach, winning ten National College Athletic Association (NCAA) championships in a twelve-year period, and being named NCAA College Basketball Coach of the Year six times.

Recollections from Major League Baseball stars who learned the game under Coach Adams— including Eric Karros, David Roberts, and Chase Utley— are also featured, along with quotes from other athletes, coaches, and associates of UCLA.


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