French for Le Snob : Adding Panache to Your Everyday Conversations

French for Le Snob : Adding Panache to Your Everyday Conversations
Yvette Reche
July 2005
Black & White Illustrations Throughout
How-To & Reference
6 x 9

Searching for Le Mot Juste? You’ll Find It in French for Le Snob!

French for Le Snob is written for sophisticated English speakers who enjoy being in the limelight as they tittle-tattle about la femme fatale, la belle brunette, l'enfant terribleand la crème de la crème, while drinking a café noir in their pied-à-terre.

Designed to enable quick-witted individuals to use the many French loanwords of the English vocabulary with an impeccable French pronunciation, this unique book details and defines more than 2,500 French terms that have become a part of the English lexicon.

French for Le Snob is for keen-minded English speakers who take pleasure in being multi-faceted, different, distingué, intellectual, bilingual, literate, polished, learned, or francophile, and for just being snobby when they want or need to be! Its many definitions will allow creative individuals to spice up their conversations with colorful French expressions and interesting anecdotes when talking about food, wine, theatre, painting, literature, ballet, architecture, and fashion, among many other topics.

French for Le Snob gives educated English speakers from all walks of life the ammunition they need to use the English language in a learned, colorful, fun, and sophisticated manner in their daily interactions: Chefs, foodies, restaurateurs, oenophiles, architects, graphic and interior designers, antique dealers, writers, actors, musicians, dancers, fine artists, fashion designers and editors, models, English teachers, French teachers . . . . anybody who wants to use le mot juste will find it in French for Le Snob!

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