Redneck Haiku : Double-Wide Edition

Redneck Haiku : Double-Wide Edition
Mary K. Witte
November 2005
4 3/4 x 6 1/2

What Happens When Bubba Demands More Japanese Verse?
Redneck Haiku-Double Wide Edition!

In response to cries from her fans for more! more! more!, Mary K. Witte has followed up her original cult poetry classic Redneck Haiku with Redneck Haiku: Double-Wide Edition. This expanded version contains not only the best verses from the first edition, but over 150 brand new redneck poems that are sure to generate the same big laughs as those from the original.

Once again, the redneck lifestyle gets the black tie treatment through the hilariously contrasting filter of the formal Japanese haiku. Each of the nearly 250 wickedly funny poems contains just three lines and seventeen syllables, yet together they address the whole spectrum of redneck culture: RVs, Wal-Mart, beer, pop tarts, pickups, monster trucks, NASCAR, boats, trailer parks, barns, hunting, shotguns, Las Vegas, the lottery, and more. You'll howl with laughter until the cows, chickens, and hound dogs come home!

Wedding night fireworks
as Flo's ex-husband threatens
to bring back the kids.

Go to the dentist?
Grandpa went once, and now look.
He has no teeth left.

Turkey fryer bought
from cable shopping channel
burns down trailer park.

Betty Lou surprised
to learn you can get pregnant
in church parking lot.

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