The Art and Design of Contemporary Wine Labels

The Art and Design of Contemporary Wine Labels
Tanya Scholes Foreword by Michael Mondavi
October 2010
Hundreds of Color and Black-and-White Photographs
Color photos and illustrations - Wine, Cooking, Design
Pop Culture
8½ x 11

The Art and Design of Contemporary Wine Labels is an illustrated survey of the art and design of contemporary wine labels from approximately 250 international wine producers. The book highlights the graphic designers and artists who have contributed to the progress of wine label design in the modern era.

Author Tanya Scholes reveals the often-unknown connection between what’s in the bottle and what’s on the label. Each wine label included in the book is a performer with an individual story to share, told through its graphic design. Through interviews with the winemakers and designers involved in the creation of each wine label, fascinating, eclectic, inspiring, educational, and sometimes unbelievable stories that have been hidden within each wine label design are uncovered and shared.

The book features full-color wine labels that have been praised for their originality and creativity. Through bold graphics, unique illustrations, beautiful typography, captivating photography, and powerful words and icons, the labels included inThe Art and Design of Contemporary Wine Labels offer intrigue and entertainment, while adding another layer of conversation to the experience of drinking a fine bottle of wine.

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