The Encyclopedia of Sixties Cool

The Encyclopedia of Sixties Cool
Chris Strodder
March 2007
Hundreds of Black-and-White Photos
Pop Culture
8½ x 11
Trade Paper

Break Out Your Love Beads!

The Encyclopedia of Sixties Cool profiles over 250 of the most intriguing personalities of the 1960s. The men and women covered in the book include a wide range of celebrities—from well-known superstars (The Beatles, Dustin Hoffman, Muhammad Ali) to lesser-known icons (Nico, Terry Southern, Bo Belinsky)—who had a significant impact on popular culture. The figures include musicians, actors, directors, artists, athletes, politicians, writers, astronauts . . . . anyone and everyone who made the 1960s the most influential decade of the 20th century!

The biographical entries are divided up by subheads that include: “Takin’ Care of Business” (Elvis’s slogan, here used for a description of their professional careers); “All You Need Is Love” (The Beatles’ song, here used for information on the star’s private/romantic life); and “My Back Pages” (Dylan’s song, here used for relevant notes, quotes, and facts). A “what happened on this day” calendar highlighting landmark events in the lives of those profiled runs throughout the book.

The tone of the writing is affectionate and humorous, which helps to make The Encyclopedia of Sixties Cool a celebration of these icon’s lives and achievements. Scandals and drug-related deaths are not ignored but are also not dwelled upon. The memories evoked by the text are generally joyous, an important point for the readers who lived through and remember the sixties affectionately (and who are tired of seeing their favorite stars dragged through the tabloid mud, a la Marilyn and Elvis).

Over 200 vintage photographs and more than 50 sidebars pepper the book, and include of Best Picture winners, great quarterbacks, Playmates of the Year, memorable TV theme songs, favorite toys, Disneyland rides, Wimbledon champions, groovy screen cars, surf stars, Indy 500 winners, cool cartoons, sci-fi classics, Bond girls, “bubblegum” hits, beach-movie cameos, and legendary concerts. A “what happened on this day” calendar highlighting landmark events in the lives of those profiled appears on every page.

Entertaining and enlightening, The Encyclopedia of Sixties Cool is truly a celebration of the grooviest people, events, and artifacts of the 1960s.

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Foreword: Twenty Questions with Michelle Phillips, 10
Introduction, 12
Don Adams and Barbara Feldon, 14
Edie Adams (see Gunilla Knutson), 173
Lew Alcindor, 15
Muhammad Ali, 16
Woody Allen, 17
Herb Alpert, 19
Ursula Andress, 20
Mario Andretti, 21
Ann-Margret, 22
Michelangelo Antonioni, 24
Neil Armstrong, 25
Jane Asher, 26
Claudine Auger, 27
Ewa Aulin, 28
Frankie Avalon (see Frankie and Annette), 122
Burt Bacharach, 29
Joan Baez, 30
David Bailey, 31
Carroll Baker, 32
Lisa Baker (see Playmates of the Year), 249
Anne Bancroft, 33
Brigitte Bardot, 34
Dr. Christiaan Barnard, 36
George Barris, 37
Toni Basil, 38
Shirley Bassey, 39
Batmen, 40
The Beach Boys, 42
The Beatles, 44
Warren Beatty and Faye Dunaway, 49
Bo Belinsky, 51
George Best, 52
Daniela Bianchi and Luciana Paluzzi, 53
Jane Birkin (see Serge Gainsbourg), 128
Joey Bishop (see The Rat Pack), 257
Jacqueline Bisset, 54
Honor Blackman, 55
Sonny Bono (see Sonny and Cher), 291
Craig Breedlove, 56
May Britt, 57
Helen Gurley Brown, 58
Jim Brown, 59
Lenny Bruce, 61
Richard Burton (see Liz and Dick), 192
Michael Caine and Terence Stamp, 61
Dyan Cannon, 63
Truman Capote, 64
Capucine, 66
Claudia Cardinale, 67
Corky Carroll, 68
Diahann Carroll, 69
Johnny Carson, 70
Johnny Cash, 71
Catwomen, 73
Richard Chamberlain, 75
Wilt Chamberlain, 75
Ray Charles, 76
Cher (see Sonny and Cher), 291
Julie Christie, 78
Chris Clark, 79
Dr. Eugenie Clark, 80
Petula Clark, 80
Patsy Cline, 82
James Coburn, 83
Judy Collins, 84
Sean Connery, 86
Mike Connors, 88
Sam Cooke, 88
Bill Cosby (see I Spies), 158
Yvonne Craig, 89
Robert Culp (see I Spies), 158
Bobby Darin, 90
Candy Darling (see Warhol Superstars), 319
Sammy Davis, Jr. (see The Rat Pack), 257
Jeanine Deckers (see The Singing and Starring Nuns), 287
Catherine Deneuve, 91
Pamela Des Barres, 93
Jackie DeShannon, 94
Donna de Varona, 95
Angie Dickinson, 96
Tom Donahue, 97
Donovan, 98
Angela Dorian (see Playmates of the Year), 249
Donna Douglas, 100
Patty Duke, 101
Faye Dunaway (see Warren Beatty), 49
Bob Dylan, 102
Shirley Eaton, 104
Barbara Eden, 105
Anita Ekberg, 107
Elvis’s Actresses, 108
Dolores Erickson, 111
John Facenda and Paul Frees, 112
Marianne Faithfull, 113
Mia Farrow, 115
Barbara Feldon (see Don Adams), 14
Federico Fellini (see Marcello Mastroianni), 212
Sally Field, 116
Peggy Fleming, 117
Jane Fonda, 118
Peter Fonda and Dennis Hopper, 120
Anne Francis, 121
Frankie and Annette, 122
Aretha Franklin, 124
Paul Frees (see John Facenda), 112
Betty Friedan, 125
Al Fritz, 126
Annette Funicello (see Frankie and Annette), 122
Serge Gainsbourg and Jane Birkin, 128
Art Garfunkel (see Simon and Garfunkel), 284
Marvin Gaye, 129
Judy Geeson (see Lulu), 201
Bobbie Gentry, 130
Astrud Gilberto, 131
Ralph J. Gleason and Jann Wenner, 132
Curt Gowdy, 133
Bill Graham (see The San Francisco Sound), 273
The Grateful Dead
(see The San Francisco Sound), 273
Vince Guaraldi, 134
Che Guevara, 135
Monty Hall (see The Let’s Make a Dealers), 189
Mie Hama and Akiko Wakabayashi, 136
Françoise Hardy, 136
Linda Harrison, 137
Dolores Hart (see The Singing and Starring Nuns), 287
Susan Hart, 138
Goldie Hawn, 139
Tom Hayden and Abbie Hoffman, 140
Bob Hayes, 141
Joey Heatherton, 142
David Hedison, 143
Tippi Hedren, 144
Hugh Hefner, 145
Joseph Heller and Kurt Vonnegut, 147
Anne Helm (see Elvis’s Actresses), 108
Jimi Hendrix, 149
Audrey Hepburn, 150
Abbie Hoffman (see Tom Hayden), 140
Dustin Hoffman, 151
Dennis Hopper (see Peter Fonda), 120
Paul Hornung, 153
Olivia Hussey, 154
Martha Hyer and Janette Scott, 155
Lee Iacocca, 157
I Spies, 158
Jefferson Airplane (see The San Francisco Sound), 273
Fran Jeffries, 159
Judy Jetson and Veronica Lodge, 160
Candy Johnson, 162
Carolyn Jones, 163
Tom Jones, 164
Janis Joplin, 165
Christine Keeler and Mandy Rice-Davies, 166
John and Jacqueline Kennedy, 167
Robert Kennedy, 169
Ken Kesey, 170
Jean-Claude Killy, 172
Martin Luther King, Jr., 172
Eartha Kitt (see Catwomen), 73
Gunilla Knutson and Edie Adams, 173
Sandy Koufax, 174
Marta Kristen, 176
Stanley Kubrick, 178
Sue Ane Langdon, 180
Joi Lansing, 181
Rod Laver, 182
Daliah Lavi, 183
Peter Lawford (see The Rat Pack), 257
Linda Lawson, 183
George Lazenby, 184
Timothy Leary and Owsley, 185
Janet Leigh, 186
Richard Lester, 188
The Let’s Make a Dealers, 189
John Lindsay, 190
Peggy Lipton, 191
Liz and Dick, 192
Veronica Lodge (see Judy Jetson), 160
Julie London, 194
Claudine Longet, 195
Jack Lord, 196
Donna Loren, 197
Sophia Loren, 198
Tina Louise and Dawn Wells, 199
Lulu and Judy Geeson, 201
Loretta Lynn, 202
Sue Lyon, 204
Patrick Macnee (see Diana Rigg), 263
Meredith MacRae, 205
The Mamas and the Papas, 206
Mickey Mantle and Roger Maris, 208
Pete Maravich, 210
Roger Maris (see Mickey Mantle), 208
Dean Martin (see The Rat Pack), 257
Dick Martin (see Rowan and Martin), 269
Lee Marvin, 211
Marcello Mastroianni and Federico Fellini, 212
Peter Max, 213
David McCallum (see The Men from U.N.C.L.E.), 219
Eugene McCarthy, 214
Patrick McGoohan, 215
Denny McLain, 216
Steve McQueen, 217
The Men from U.N.C.L.E., 219
Lee Meriwether (see Catwomen), 73
Carol Merrill (see The Let’s Make a Dealers), 189
Hayley Mills, 220
Yvette Mimieux, 221
Joe Namath, 233
Paul Newman and Robert Redford, 235
Julie Newmar (see Catwomen), 73
Nichelle Nichols, 237
Jack Nicholson, 238
Nico (see The Velvet Underground), 316
Chris Noel, 239
Kim Novak, 240
Peter O’Toole and Omar Sharif, 241
Owsley (see Timothy Leary), 185
Anita Pallenberg, 243
Arnold Palmer, 244
Luciana Paluzzi (see Daniela Bianchi), 53
Barbara Parkins, 245
Allison Parks (see Playmates of the Year), 249
Julie Parrish (see Elvis’s Actresses), 108
Peter, Paul and Mary, 246
Wilson Pickett, 247
Sylvia Plath, 248
Playmates of the Year, 249
Sidney Poitier, 251
Stefanie Powers, 252
Elvis Presley (see The Presleys), 254
Priscilla Presley (see The Presleys), 254
The Presleys, 254
Juliet Prowse, 255
Mary Quant, 256
The Rat Pack, 257
Otis Redding, 260
Robert Redford (see Paul Newman), 235
Lynn Redgrave (see The Redgraves), 261
Vanessa Redgrave (see The Redgraves), 261
The Redgraves, 261
Mandy Rice-Davies
(see Christine Keeler), 166
Cathy Rigby, 262
Diana Rigg and Patrick Macnee, 263
The Rolling Stones, 265
Katharine Ross, 267
Ed Roth, 268
Dan Rowan (see Rowan and Martin), 269
Rowan and Martin, 269
Darrell Royal, 270
Wilma Rudolph, 271
Jim Ryun, 272
The San Francisco Sound, 273
Vidal Sassoon, 275
Lalo Schifrin, 276
Janette Scott (see Martha Hyer), 155
Jean Seberg, 278
Jay Sebring (see Sharon Tate), 304
Edie Sedgwick (see Warhol Superstars), 319
Peter Sellers, 279
Rod Serling, 280
Omar Sharif (see Peter O’Toole), 241
William Shatner, 281
Alan Shepard, 282
Jean Shrimpton, 283
Simon and Garfunkel, 284
Frank Sinatra (see The Rat Pack), 257
Nancy Sinatra, 286
The Singing and Starring Nuns, 287
The Smothers Brothers, 289
Elke Sommer, 290
Sonny and Cher, 291
Terry Southern, 293
Phil Spector, 294
Dusty Springfield, 296
Terence Stamp (see Michael Caine), 61
Barbara Steele, 297
Connie Stevens, 298
Stella Stevens, 299
Jay Stewart (see The Let’s Make a Dealers), 189
Jill St. John, 300
The Supremes, 302
Jacqueline Susann, 303
Sharon Tate and Jay Sebring, 304
Elizabeth Taylor (see Liz and Dick), 192
Leigh Taylor-Young, 306
Marlo Thomas, 307
Pamela Tiffin, 309
Tiny Tim, 310
François Truffaut, 311
Twiggy, 312
Roger Vadim, 313
Mamie Van Doren, 314
Robert Vaughn (see The Men from U.N.C.L.E.), 219
The Velvet Underground and Nico, 316
Kurt Vonnegut (see Joseph Heller), 147
Akiko Wakabayashi (see Mie Hama), 136
Deborah Walley (see Elvis’s Actresses), 108
Burt Ward (see Batmen), 40
Andy Warhol, 317
Warhol Superstars, 319
Dionne Warwick, 321
Raquel Welch, 322
Tuesday Weld, 324
Dawn Wells (see Tina Louise), 199
Jann Wenner (see Ralph J. Gleason), 132
Adam West (see Batmen), 40
The Who, 325
Natalie Wood, 327
Celeste Yarnall, 329
Susannah York, 331Sidebars
10 Great Boxers, 17
Indy 500 Winners, 22
10 Classic Concerts, 31
Tony-Winning Plays and Musicals, 34
More Cool Screen Cars, 37
40 Bat-tastic Guests on Batman, 41
Rolling Stone Magazine’s 10 Greatest Albums of All Time, 44
The Beatles by the Numbers, 46
10 Legendary Running Backs, 60
10 Surf Stars, 68
NBA Champions (and Runners-Up), 76
Oscars for Best Actress, 79
20 Mid-’60s British Invaders (and U.S. Hits), 81
Bond’s Conquests, ’62–’67, 87
’60s Athletes in the U.S. Olympic Hall of Fame, 96
’60s DJs in the Radio Hall of Fame, 98
Top Nielsen-Rated Shows, 101
30 Artists (of Thousands) Who Have Recorded Dylan’s Songs, 103
Elvis’s ’60s Movies (with Co-Starring Actresses), 109
A Dozen Disneyland Debuts, 113
A Dozen Beach-Movie Cameos, 123
30 Cool Toys (Year Introduced), 127
A Dozen Super Sportscasters, 133
Playmate Stats, 146
Heisman Trophy Winners, 154
Another 15 Sci-Fi Classics, 156
Motor Trend Magazine’s Car of the Year, 158
Another 15 Cool ’60s Cartoons (with Debut Year), 161
World Series Champions (and Managers), 176
Oscar-Winning Directors, 179
Wimbledon Winners, 182
League Leaders in Home Runs, 209
Oscars for Best Actor, 211
30 Classic War Movies, 218
A Dozen Late-’60s “Bubblegum” Hits, 224
10 Classic Quarterbacks, 234
Top-Grossing Movies by Year
(Approximate U.S. Gross), 237
Masters Champions (with Winning Score and Margin of Victory), 245
Playmates of the Year (with Ages), 251
Stones’ U.S. Top 10 Hits in the ’60s, 266
10 Legendary Coaches, 271
10 More San Francisco Bands (and ’60s Hits), 274
20 Classic TV Themes and Composers, 277
The Mercury Seven (and ’60s Flights), 283
’60s Stars in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame (with Year of Induction), 286
Girl Groups with Top-Three Pop Hits (’60–’65), 295
15 More Horror Hits, 297
20 More Superstars, 320
30 Non-Elvis Movie Musicals, 328
Live-Action Science-Fiction/Fantasy TV Shows (with Years), 330
Oscars for Best Picture, 331
Peggy Moffitt, 222
The Monkees, 223
Marilyn Monroe, 225
Elizabeth Montgomery, 227
Keith Moon, 228
Jim Morrison, 230
Janet Munro, 232
Murph the Surf, 233
Writing a book called The Encyclopedia of Sixties Cool (what I informally named my Encycoolpedia) meant making lots of choices. The 1960s were so abundant with cool people, styles, artifacts, and events that not everybody and everything could be included in a single volume. So I had to set limits. One was chronological—while many great stars of earlier decades and later decades were working in the ’60s, I tried to pick 250 who peaked in the ’60s. Thus ’50s kings and queens like Robert Mitchum, William Holden, Lucille Ball, and Jayne Mansfield, and superstars of the ’70s like Gloria Steinem, Billie Jean King, Liza Minnelli, and Joni Mitchell, were not included, even though they all did prominent work in the ’60s. I realize that some of those I did include—Marilyn Monroe, Jack Nicholson, Toni Basil, to name three—thrived in other decades, but their inclusion was a personal choice because what they did in the ’60s was just too significant or interesting or fun to ignore.In addition, I had to decide what was cool, a word that has a different meaning for everybody. In picking athletes, for instance, I didn’t simply choose the best players, I chose those who offered something unique to fans (thus playboy Bo Belinsky is in, while family man Willie Mays is out, even though Willie’s the Hall of Famer). In picking which writers and performers to include, I went with those who peaked in the ’60s—yes, Hunter Thompson (Hell’s Angels, ’66) and CSN (Crosby, Stills, and Nash, ’69) were all working back then, but to me they truly belonged to the ’70s.In choosing actresses, I didn’t simply pick a cool body (Lara Lindsay—out), I chose a cool body of work, or actresses who had something of special interest (Liz Taylor, Oscar-winner with a notorious lovelife—in). This was a frequent comment I got about my earlier Swingin’ Chicks of the ’60sbook—”How could you leave out so-and-so?” Well, sure, so-and-so was beautiful or sexy or whatever she was, but seriously her movie moments were too brief (Carol Wayne), or really she was more ’70s than ’60s (Ali MacGraw). My apologies to the fans, to Lara, to Carol, to Ali, to anyone else who brought something tasty to the ’60s buffet but who didn’t make the menu. Maybe a supplemental Encycoolpedia for the ’60s, and Encycoolpedias about the ’50s and ’70s, will answer all critiques.Finally, for your edification I’ve included people either unknown to the masses (Al Fritz) or known but not traditionally thought of as cool (Tiny Tim, anybody?). These entries reward those anonymous specialists who created something cool (Al’s awesome Sting-Ray bike) or those unique stars who certainly got our attention (somebodybought millions of Tiny’s albums—you know who you are). As for some of my more unusual choices (the nuns, for instance, or perhaps a scientist or singer you don’t know), well, indulge me, these were interesting people to me so I included them. That’s the beauty part about writing a book, you get to do what you want, so I did.Oh, just to clarify, the subheads for each profile have musical connotations—”Takin’ Care of Business,” of course, was Elvis’s slogan, “Everybody Loves Somebody” is the bestselling Dean Martin song that knocked the Beatles from #1 in ’64, and “My Back Pages” is a Dylan classic.

This book was researched and written between September 2005 and March 2006. Research material was gathered through correspondence and phone interviews, supplemented by long hours at the wonderful Marin County libraries and speedy deliveries over my wireless laptop (once you’ve gone wireless you’ll never go back). My thanks go to all the celebrities who spoke with me or replied to my many e-mails and letters. I also am deeply grateful to the friends who helped with photos, either sending me cherished items from their own collections or assisting with recruitment and scanning, especially Annie Helm, Lisa Flood, Russ Lanier, Tara Macia Pollard, Alan Parowski, Dr. Robert Rush, C. Robert Rotter (owner of the amazing photo collection, and Ferenc Dobronyi, just to name a few of the many people who helped. Thanks to publisher Jeffrey Goldman for e-mailing me out of the blue one summer day with a book idea and for answering all my endless questions for the next six months. And to Sheryl Patton, the hardestworkin’ woman I have ever known.
—Chris Strodder, Mill Valley, California

Bob Dylan
Tuesday Weld
Sean Connery
Lew Alcindor
Julie Newmar
Barbara Steele