The Quotable Actor : 1001 Pearls of Wisdom from Actors Talking About Acting

The Quotable Actor : 1001 Pearls of Wisdom from Actors Talking About Acting
Damon DiMarco
August 2009
Film, Theatre, & TV
6 x 9

"The Quotable Actor is an entertaining and informative read recommended for theater and movie fans everywhere and a must read for starstruck aspiring thespians."
     The Bloomsbury Review

Collecting advice, quotes, essays, and observations from hundreds of famous actors and highly regarded acting teachers, The Quotable Actor covers a wide range of topics on the art and history of acting.

Entertaining, instructive, and informative, it is organized into specific, easy-to-search categories, such as "On Why We Act"; "On Auditioning"; "On Struggling and Building a Career"; and "On Gender Differences and Aging in the Biz."

From art and technique to business and lifestyle, entries include fascinating anecdotes and advice from some of the greatest actors in history:

• Marlon Brando commenting on the rehearsal process
• Meryl Streep’s advice on building a character
• Al Pacino recalling what it was like to be a starving young artist
• Beauty tips from some of Hollywood’s leading ladies
• Recollections of horrible auditions from A-list stars
• Musings from Jack Nicholson, Edwin Booth, and many others

Additional contributors include Constantin Stanislavski, Daniel Day-Lewis, Ellen Burstyn, Julie Andrews, Paul Newman, and Peter O’Toole—providing insights into the actor’s craft that are equally useful to young actors just starting out and accomplished professionals looking for inspiration in the words of peers.

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