The Ultimate Counterterrorist Home Companion : Six Incapacitating Holds Involving a Spatula and Other Ways to Protect Your Family

The Ultimate Counterterrorist Home Companion : Six Incapacitating Holds Involving a Spatula and Other Ways to Protect Your Family
Zack Arnstein and Larry Arnstein
September 2007
24 Black And White Illustrations
5 1/2 x 8 1/2
Trade Paper

We all know how our government is fighting global terrorism, but what are you doing to help? Probably not much.

The Ultimate Counterterrorist Home Companion can change that. It’s the definitive guide to how you can be a soldier in the War on Terrorism without having to leave your kitchen. This illustrated manual will expertly train you and your entire family in:

• Spying on your neighbors
• Turning common household objects into useful terror-fighting weapons
• Baking your way to homeland security
• Making your antiterrorism drills more kid friendly
• Planting booby traps and land mines in your home and garden
• Strategic mail-opening strategies
• Making your own color-coded terrorism alert chart

From the moment you get up in the morning (at a different time every day to keep attackers off balance!) to your final closet and under-the-bed check at night, you’ll want to keep The Ultimate Counterterrorist Home Companion close at hand. (In fact, if you don’t buy this book, you are acting in a suspicious manner, in our opinion!)

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Section One: The Building Blocks of the Core Principles
Chapter 1: Why Terrorism Is a Bigger Threat Than Any Threat Any Nation Has Ever Faced in the History of the World, Ever
Chapter 2: Planning Your Family Antiterrorism Drill: What to Do When Little Lucy Can’t Assemble Her Matador 25B Antitank Rocket Launcher in under 37 Seconds
Chapter 3: Hand-to-Hand Combat: Actually Fighting Terrorists in Your Living Room—Six Incapacitating Holds Involving a Spatula
Chapter 4: Places You Can No Longer Go: Airports, Stadiums, Outside
Chapter 5: If Your Child Brings Home a Suspicious Playmate
Chapter 6: Hostage Negotiation: What to Get for the Terrorist Who Has Everything
Chapter 7: Tips for Teens: What to Do If Your Teen Gets Invited to Participate in a Terrorist Attack and All the Cool Kids Are In On It
Chapter 8: Securing Your Home: Booby Traps, Land Mines, and Strategic Mail-Opening Strategies
Chapter 9: Moats: How to Make Them, Are They Still Useful?

Section Two: The History of Terrorism and What Your Government Is Doing to Stop It
Chapter 10: A History of the World Before 9/11: All in All, a Pretty Smooth Ride
Chapter 11: A History of the World After 9/11: Evil Makes Its Entrance
Chapter 12: No-Longer-Relevant Concepts: Civil Liberties, the Multi-Party System, Karaoke
Chapter 13: Invading Iraq: It’s the Thought That Counts
Chapter 14: The Color-Coded Terror Alert System: Giving Citizens an Exact, Rainbowy Gauge of How Fearful to Be at Any Given Moment
Chapter 15: Making New Friends throughout the World: Kidnapping, Secret Detention, and Torture
Special Alert! Creating a Shadow Family: Important Note Just for Dad
Chapter 16: Avoiding God’s Wrath by Banning Gay Marriage

Section Three: A Bunch of Chapters We Decided to Put in Section Three
Chapter 17: For Parents: A Special Chapter Just for You
Chapter 18: Are There Terrorists in Your Own Family? No? Are You Sure?
Chapter 19: Good Morning! Checking for Bombs under Your Car
Chapter 20: Learning to Live after All Civilization Has Been Destroyed
Special Alert! Terrorist Preparedness Quiz
Chapter 21: Training Your Dog: Detecting Explosives, Interrogating Detainees
Chapter 22: Making Your Own Color-Coded Terrorism Alert Chart: Is Heightened
Danger of Radiation Exposure More of a Lavender or a Robin’s Egg Blue?
Special Alert! Antiterrorist Fitness

Section Four: All the Other Chapters That Didn’t Appear in Section One, Two, or Three
Special Alert! Halftime Mid-Book Pep Talk
Chapter 23: Surveillance Cameras: Deterring Nuclear Attacks and Finding Out Who’s Been Stealing Your Newspaper
Chapter 24: Intelligence Gathering: Suspicious Organizations, Informant Networks—Is Water-Boarding One Word or Two?
Chapter 25: Baking Your Way to Homeland Security: Pineapple Upside-Down Flag Cake and Other Patriotic Arts & Crafts
Chapter 26: What Are You Good At? What You Can Do to Combat Terrorism as a Lawyer, Actor, or Someone Who Just Knows Their Way Around a Kiln
Chapter 27: Varying Your Routine—Different Routes to School, Church on Thursday, Starting with Dessert
Special Alert! Personal Risk Assessment Assessment

Section Three: Several Chapters That Would Have Been More Appropriate for Section Three Although We Overlooked It at the Time
Chapter 28: The False Alarm Chapter: Fireworks, Jackhammers, and Misplaced Keys
Chapter 29: Days to Be Extra Scared: Holidays, Millennia, Days of Indictments of Major Congressional Leaders
Chapter 30: Is It Possible for America Itself to Engage in Terrorism?
Chapter 31: Thinking Like a Terrorist: Freedom Hating, Grudge Holding, and the Whole 72 Virgins-in-Paradise Thing
Chapter 31A: Just for Terrorists—If You’re Not a Terrorist, You Can Skip This Chapter
Chapter 32: Speaking to a Terrorist: How to Say “Naked Human Pyramid” in Arabic
Chapter 33: Ethics in the Post-Geneva Convention Era
Chapter 34: Religious Chapter
Special Alert! Final Exam

Appendix: All the Boring Stuff You Don’t Have to Read
Including the Bibliography, About the Authors, and extensive, graphically illustrated sexual material you wouldn’t be interested in.

Special Alert!: Terrorist Preparedness Quiz

Here are a few of the questions you will have to answer (they are not optional).

1) In 25 words or less: Why are you taking this quiz when you could be preparing to fight terrorism?

2) Yes or No: Do you fully support all the actions taken by your government in the War on Terrorism?
2A) Why not?
2B) What makes you think you’re such an expert on foreign policy all of a sudden?

3) Fill in the blank: Terrorists do the evil things they do because they ____ freedom.

4) On the other hand, I, personally, ____ freedom.

5) Multiple choice: One of America’s flaws is that it is:
A) Run by the Jews.
B) Tolerant of all religions, even the evil ones.
C) There are no flaws.

6) Which of the following interactions with your neighbor is a Suspicious Interaction?
A) Your neighbor knocks on your door, asks, “Can I borrow a cup of sugar?”
B) Your neighbor knocks on your door, asks, “Can I borrow a cup of sugar, and do you have any enriched uranium?”
C) Your neighbor knocks on your door, asks, “Can I borrow a cup of sharp, metallic objects or other shrapnel which I can use to make the improvised explosive device I’m working on in my garage more deadly?”

If you answered B) and C) are Suspicious Interactions, you’re already on your way to becoming an effective counterterrorist fighting machine!

Q: After reading this book so far, it seems to me that while terrorism is clearly something to be concerned about, maybe you guys are letting your fears get the best of you. Aren’t there lots of other things just as threatening, if not more so? Is there any chance you’re letting your paranoia about terrorism cloud your judgment to the point where you’re no longer thinking rationally? If we allow terrorists to terrorize us, haven’t the terrorists won?
A: We don’t accept questions from terrorists.